Throughout the SUNSEED project, the consortium will be publishing the research & test results in various forms. We invite you to read, assess and provide feedback on all publications as we appreciate an interactive approach to the project work.

WP1: Project Management

D1.4 Project Final report – public


WP2: Systems concept and business techno-economic analysis

D2.1.2 Requirements and architectures for DSO-telecom converged communication networks in dense DEG smart energy grid networks

D2.2.2 Methodology and key performance indicators for resilient dense prosumer oriented DEG smart grid energy and communications network

D2.3.2 Business models of DEG smart energy market stakeholders

D2.3.4 Technoeconomic analysis of converged communication networks for prosumer smart grids


WP3: Communication networking components and infrastructure of DEG smart grid

D3.1 Traffic modelling, communication requirements and candidate network solutions for real-time smart grid control

D3.2.1 Guidelines for enhancing communication networks for realtime smart grid control

D3.2.2 Design specification of communication solution for the smart grid support

D3.3.2 Communication solution design for field trial setup

D3.4.2 Client and server side security solutions for the smart grid


WP4: Integrated control, management and Analytics

D4.3.1 Smart grid management module description

D4.4.1 FPAI system description


WP5: Field trial integration and validation

D5.1.2 Field trial concept definition installation GIS review and installation schedule. Regulatory measurement equipment testing and analyses report

D5.2 Field Trial Equipment Installation and Power System Performance Measurement Data Review and Evaluation Report

D5.3 Field trial measurement reports

D5.4 Smart grid converged DSO-telecom communication network deployment guide book


WP6: Dissemination and exploitation

D6.1.1 Press release

D6.1.2 Project Promotional Kit

D6.2.1 Contribution of technical and scientific dissemination activities from all partners on communication aspects of smart grids

D6.2.2 Collection of scientific publications/presentations 2

D6.2.3 Workshop 1 report

D6.2.4 Workshop 2 report

D6.2.5 Workshop 3 report

D6.2.6 Workshop 4 report

D6.3 Standardization Dissemination Activities

D6.4 Future Dissemination & Exploitation Plans