WP 4

WP4 is developing a platform for real-time management, analytics and forecasting services for energy distribution networks for small DSOs. We are analysing information regarding network topology and devices, energy demand and consumption and environmental data. The services that will be integrated in a software module pipeline will be providing prediction and the decision support system based on network monitoring, anomaly detection, trend detection, planning and optimisation. These services will be using advanced knowledge technologies. Real time computation of survivability metrics based on WAMS measurements will generate decisions on possible reconfiguration of energy networks. The forecasting and decision making system will be based on a DSO grid model where also current grid status will be displayed in a geographically distributed manner using GIS as an underlay and on a logical level. The platform will gather its information on a grid in a distributed manner through Flexible power application infrastructure (FPAI). The decisions on action will be evaluated from the whole grid point of view and on a local level using detailed grid model.